Calm before the storm

This is my second time to Russia, but the first time I’ve been able to see some of it.

Last year was spent with many long hours at the Ice Cube and there wasn’t a lot of time to see much else besides one trip to the mountain village of Rosa Khutor.

With very few journalists here, we’ve had the opportunity to get some work done and explore some of the beautiful surroundings here. On Saturday I went into the city of Sochi and saw its beauty for the first time. The following day our curling crew went to Rosa Khutor and I was able to see the development from last year. There’s now a McDonalds (called Macka’s in Austrailia), an Irish Pub that unfortunately isn’t open until next week, many souvenir shops, and a few lifts into the mountains that we did not have access to. That’s okay though, because it still was a stunning sight.

The rest of our weekends won’t be as touristy. The ice makers will be at the rink soon, the curlers will follow shortly after, and we’re going to have a solid two weeks of long days and nights during the curling competition at the Games.

Writing and researching has been a blast. It’s also been a bit of a learning curve. Writing for a wire service means writing the nuts and bolts. Short sentences. Facts. But it still needs to sound interesting.

Rather than talking about work, I’ll leave you with a few pictures:

Sochi market The Black Sea in Sochi Rosa Khutor Rosa Khutor Rosa Khutor


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