Can a food blog really sway opinion?

When I was starting a blog for my first year of Creative Communications I had a hard time choosing a theme.

I always was interested in following this one food blog and thought I would try and use it for inspiration for my own.

The site, ran by my journalism instructor’s son, Andrew McMonagle and Leif Norman, were the Breakfast Connoisseurs. They reviewed nearly 200 breakfast joints in Winnipeg (can you believe we have that many options?)

More recently, fellow CreComm student Terry Proveda operates Winnipeg Clubs. No, not the night clubs, but Winnipeg’s best club sandwiches. Terry has great photos and reviews and thanks to him I know where to go when I’m craving a club sandwich.

For myself, I always wanted to make a blog that focuses on Winnipeg’s reuben sandwiches. I’ve always had a soft spot for them and I like to think I know what separates a good one from a bad one.

My personal favourite – so far – is the Yellow Dog’s reuben sandwich. The bread’s texture is perfectly crunchy and they use a Russian dressing, which I prefer over the thousand island.

I know I haven’t even come close to trying every single one out there in Winnipeg, but it’s definitely been a goal of mine. I can guarantee you that if I see it at a restaurant I haven’t had before, it’s always my top pick.

But do food review websites/blogs really sway a person’s opinion? For myself, they really do. I don’t want to take any risks eating at a restaurant that I might not want to. It’s websites like these that really help me make the ultimate decision.

However, I know some people who wouldn’t let a food review influence their decision. Unless they’re trying it for themselves, they won’t be convinced.

I understand that perspective too. Everyone’s tastes and palettes are completely different. Just because I like my toast a little bit on the softer side, doesn’t mean other people feel that way. Some people like the crunch and a little bit of black on their toast.

Food review blogs are a great way to get a basic understanding of what to eat and where to go. But it shouldn’t be the say all/end all of your decision.

If a review is telling me that the cook at a certain restaurant hasn’t cleaned their restaurant in years and has the pictures to prove it, then I obviously won’t go. But if they didn’t enjoy their meal because of one little detail that I find acceptable, then it won’t stop me from going.


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