Who knew comedy writing would actually pay off

I’ve just finished watching many of my fellow J majors perform at Rumors Comedy Club over the past two nights. Congratulations!

I feel like comedy and journalism do share a type of bond, specifically when it comes to broadcast journalism. Reporters need to show off personality when in front of the camera. I feel like what we’ve been learning this year in comedy writing class will actually help many of us in our futures.

But Kyle, isn’t comedy writing pretty much a free credit?

Definitely not! While a lot of the mark may be based on us just going out there and trying out best, it teaches us much more. It teaches us to be in the spotlight (literally), and learn how to interact with people.

Isn’t that what journalism is about? I definitely think it is. If a reporter doesn’t have much of a personality, many people would rather opt to switch the channel and get their news from another source. A reporter must engage their viewer and humour is an excellent tool to do so.

What we’ve learned this year helped us mould who we are. We learned how to be comfortable in a nerve-wracking situation. We learned no matter how much pressure we feel, we just need to perform and do what we do best: interact with people.

That’s what people love, and that’s what we’ve been learning to do. People are just naturally attached to humour. When done appropriately, it’s a great tool to connect with your audience and it helps you tell a great story.

I look forward to entering the work force. It’s going to be…well…fun. When you enjoy what you do, it shows in your personality. Just like these this:

But you don’t even have to be “funny” you just have to show off your personality. These are some stand-ups from Chris Conte from the US of A. While some of these are a little cheesy, they show off great personality and tell excellent stories:


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