Accurate and first: How Twitter is shaping journalism today

I had my first experience live-tweeting an event last Tuesday during the Fort Whyte by-election. Last year at school, many people had the opportunity to do it for many reasons. When the class had public speakers, during the IPP’s and some even did it on their own time (Westminster Dog Show, anyone?). 

Tweeting has been engraved into what is expected from journalists during this social media age. My Tweet feed is filled with live updates from journalists like Bartley Kives, Mike McIntyre and so many more. CreComm is training the next group of journalists how to use this powerful means. It’s simple, all it takes is a simple device.

But what if your device doesn’t work? I had that issue on Tuesday. I only Tweet from my iPod Touch, however for that to work you need some sort of wireless connection. Of course I didn’t have that at the event.

Thankfully my good pal Ryan Kessler allowed me to use his phone and it worked better than I thought it would. Of course if I had my own iPhone or Blackberry to use, it would have went even smoother. Once I was logged into his phone we could switch back and forth between our accounts. That was convenient because live-tweeting is in the now. You need to be quick, accurate and first. 

Of course there were moments when Ryan had his phone at the very moment that I would have liked to make a Tweet of my own and that did slow me down. But it could have been much worse.

I could have had to write down all of my Tweets on paper, scramble over to the nearest Tim Hortons or Starbucks and send them off from there. But at that point, the election would have been over and what I had to say was old news. No one wants to hear about what I have to say at that point.

I think this would enough of a push to convince me to get a new phone. I know I won’t be able to function too much as a journalist without one. It’s the norm, and to be expected of anyone who is getting into the communication industry.

Thankfully I was there with people who were willing to help me out with the assignment.

The only bad thing? I couldn’t figure out how to sign out of my account on Ryan’s phone. Now I trust him to not send any controversial Tweets out on my behalf!


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